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This Club was opened for young teenage boys from poor backgrounds to save them from damaging activities such as drug addiction, alcohol, fighting etc. by providing the platform of free football training. Keeping them busy with these activities helps them to join in the good circle of 22 teenagers and 8 small boys who are regularly coming to this Club.

Since it was started, 75 teenage boys have benefited from this Club. They have football practice every day from 4.30 to 6.00 pm, right after finishing school. Along with the football practice, they are given moral teachings from the Youth Leader from time to time. We aim to teach the boys to control their anger, both on the field and in their daily lives. We also evangelize by giving the testimonies of good Christian football players. We organise tournaments and matches with local boys and other clubs.

We help some good players to participate in player selections where they have the chance to play in nationwide competitions. Sometimes we also provide football boots to the boys whose parents cannot afford to buy any. By seeing the difference this Club makes in the lives of their boys, parents are very positive about our work. We thank everyone who prays and support us in this area.

Last year, Aanandit Football Club organised a tournament with eight different teams participating, including two from Aanandit. Group A finalists PYC met Group B finalists Bibek in the final and Bibek were the ultimate winners. Their prize was 5000 NRs and a football. Praise God for all the testimonies!

Aanandit Football Club