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The Friday Fun Club has been going on for some years now and the Dance Club was established about four years ago to serve the Lord through dance, taking as its inspiration the theme of Psalm 149:3. It was started by the Grace of God, being inspired by His abounding love for children. Many Friday Fun Club kids want to learn dance but their families can’t afford the charge because of their poverty. After understanding the situation, we came up with the idea of establishing a free Dance Club for those kids. We now have 35 children enrolled. The children are happy to have such a facility and they are thankful to the Lord.

The Club is running smoothly under the management of Aanandit Church and ACC. Kiran Magar is the Instructor and Programme Co-ordinator. It is so popular that it has been separated into two sections, the Juniors and the Seniors. Our children have taken part in National dance competitions with well- known Nepali dancers. Recently we have also started a second Dance Club every Saturday afternoon after the Children’s Fellowship. The Club mostly attracts teenagers but membership ranges from under 7 years old to the over-16s. Many are also involved with our other Dance Club, and we have been able to form good relationships with them. They are also committed to the Church and some have given their lives to Jesus!

We would like to ask you all to join in our prayers for our Dance Club. Thank you for all your support and help with this area of our work. We would like to have your further support and prayers so that we can take on an even greater number of poor children.

We also have a vision to start an evening school for children who do not attend school during the day for various reasons such as family pressure to earn money, having to work in order to survive, or coming alone to the city from remote villages, etc.

We are privileged to be part of this scheme to reach out to many children from different backgrounds. You can be part of it and help us to improve communities through reaching out to orphans, poor and destitute children and their families.

Friday Fun & Dance Club