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Private educational organizations are rapidly opening in Nepal. Admission fees and other educational expenses are very high in these school colleges. Poor and middle-class people could not afford this. Because of such private schools and colleges, many Government schools are lacking able students and good teachers. Government schools do not have good infrastructure and lack decent facilities like toilets, play grounds, science lab, library, computer lab., safe drinking water etc.

ACC has been supporting struggling schools for 2 years now. We observe the greatest needs of the school when we visit, and consult with the teachers and the students for best way to enrich their school. Though we have a limited budget for this we try to reach out to assist where we can.

Shree Sarawoti Lower Secondary School is situated in southern Lalitpur. It is a government school now being run by the community itself. It is a new movement that where the Government school has a lack of facilities and substandard education , Community leaders take on the responsibility to run the school and they make visits, Observe teaching activities, and other related issues. In the remote parts of Nepal there are very few schools. Students have to walk 2 or 3 hours to get to their school. Because of the school age-range, students are compelled to leave the school after finishing primary and lower secondary schooling.

Shree Sarawoti Lower Secondary School is also a primary school - it runs the class up to grade seven. It is a community-run school where very small contribution from the government is provided. It is greatly insufficient to meet the demands of the children in the wide catchment area. There is not enough money to employ separate primary/secondary school teachers, and the teachers are struggling to cope with just one assistant between them.

A great problem across Nepal now is that the best teachers will go where they can earn most, which is in Private Education, resulting in substandard education for the children from poor backgrounds, and to have to walk for hours each way to get there on very little nutritious food means learning is more difficult for the children, as a result, many families do not think it worth sending the children to school at all. Please pray that we can equip & encourage such schools and make a difference for next generation.

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