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Aanandit Charity Centre Shares it’s vision with other organisations doing related work. We are always ready to support the needy.

We have been helping Lok Besahara Kendra, an organisation working among mentally- disordered people according to their needs, for the last 2 years.. From this January, ACC have been paying for their rice every month. The people are given shelter, clothes and food and the staff pray for them. Around 30 mentally ill men and women are taken care of there and some have their small children with them. We have visited Lok Besahara Kendra and know that people are being healed who used to live on the streets because of their mental illness. We have listened to people’s testimonies who used to be homeless, jobless & hopeless.

We saw 18 year-old Kanchi Tamang from Kavre district with her legs and hands in chains when we first visited her when Lok Besahara Kendra took over her care. Her single mother ,who has several smaller children found it necessary to chain her due to her uncontrollable violence, and she couldn’t speak or recognise people. She used to run away into the jungle and remove all her clothes if she was freed.

This month we have seen Kanchi walking freely, smiling, wearing proper clothes- and talking about herself in a visit to our ACC office. This is wonderful work of God in her precious life! We also support her two brothers Sane and Chandre with their school education. We would love to be able to increase our support to them so please pray for us and for Lok Besahara Kendra in their incredible work.

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