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Bidya Devi Shrestha is a 40-year-old widowed mother who is struggling to raise her five teenage children alone. She was born in far west Nepal. She got married in her early teens to KedarNath Shrestha. They married without their parents’ permission because both of them were not from the same caste-the Caste system is very strongly upheld by Nepalese. Her husband’s family was not very well-off, and they did not care about or support the newly married young couple. Bidya had their first child at 19 years old. She gave birth to 2 boys and 3 girls. Life became very challenging with five small children. Bidya’s husband had no job, so they decided to come to the capital city Kathmandu in search of work to give a good life to their children. Bidya’s husband learnt to drive and started to earn. They were living in rented rooms. Bidya used to look after the children and husband used to be busy with driving.

Their life changed very drastically with the unexpected and tragic event of her husband’s untimely death because of high blood pressure which caused a fatal heart attack at 45. She was very shocked and she found no way to continue their lifestyle. She had no experience of work outside of household activities.

Little by little, Bidya started to work in the construction industry. Gradually she learnt to fix the marble stones in houses. She bought a special machine for this and now she earns Rs.8000 ( aprox.52 pound sterling) per month if her health is good.

We found them in a very miserable situation when we first made a visit to her home; she is adjusting to her life in a small room with 5 children and kitchenette in the same space. But we praise God that she is now coming to the church.

ACC has decided to support her on a monthly basis, as we do the sponsorships every month. We are also providing scholarship to two of her Daughters Sayta Shrestha and Shakuntala Sherstha. It is really a very small amount we could provide, but she has been blessed with this. We would like to request you all to pray for her and her 5 children that they may continue to grow in the love of God and receive the peace, happiness and prosperity he wants to give them in Jesus! We are supporting  eight widows at the moment. Our heart is to provide such support at least to 20 widows until 2016. You are very welcome to stand with us in this.

Widow Support