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Aanandit Charity Centre is a social organization. We are providing our service to Needy children, women and underprivileged people of Nepal. We are providing day care facility since 2011.

Nepal is a developing country. Every member of the family need to work very hard to meet the basic needs of the family. Most of the citizen are uneducated because they didn’t get chance to go to school.

Lack of proper job caused by lack of education requires parents to work hard in construction site with very little income. This affects the children specially of single mothers who have no- one to help her economically or care for the baby while she works. So, she is compelled to take her children to her working site which is full of risk of accidents and unhealthy environment as children play with the construction materials. Our Day Care Centre is like an oasis for these children where they come and play, eat nutritious food, rest and learn different things.

We have seen many mothers, single mothers struggling with the little children as they rushed to work. We have seen the elderly sister who didn’t go to school because they have to take care of the little brothers or sisters. The option for them is to keep the little children in the Montessori school but they are very costly and time schedule is also not appropriate to the parents.

Understanding the problem in our society we have started providing the day care facilities to the working parents in the affordable price. The parents only donate a little amount for food and ACC covers rest of the cost for the project. Children are looked after from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. six days a week.

The children learn rhymes, few alphabets, colouring and play games here. They repeat these at home and parents are very happy to see the changes in their little ones. They feel secure and confident to leave their children with us. Furthermore, our service does not only look after them responsibly, it also prepares them to start their primary school when they get to age of three. Some of the children started to speak since they came to us and clearly express their need of drink, toilets etc. It is a pleasure to see them grow every day!

The children look very healthy and the parents are satisfied with holistic care we are providing. ACC has a beautiful garden for the children to play safely now.


We want to open the pre- school with best teaching and playing  materials in the near future


We want to continue serve needy children through this project. Please pray for all the staff and volunteers who are serving to bless these poor but precious children. We may have sufficient fund to carry on the work.

Thank you!

Day Care